zondag 8 mei 2011

Primark #2 and Mothers day!

Hey guys, yesterday I went -again- to the Primark with my best friend Dianne. I didn't bought a lot of stuff, because my mother bought me a lot of clothes on friday. We were there really early, so almost everything we wanted to buy was there. I bought cute shoes and a really nice bikini, I really love the bikini!

The stuff I bought

And now, something completely different, today it's Mothers day! Me and my brother maked her some breakfast this morning, and we gave her a few presents. She really loved the breakfast and the presents ofcourse. I gave her earrings, and she loved them. I also made a picture of the breakfast we made.

What did you do with Mothers day?

I also made a picture of my outfit today, my camera didn't worked, so I made it with my ipod. The weather is really good now, hope it will stay sunny the whole day!

Now I've to go to make homework, so goodbye! xoxo Lonneke.

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  1. Leuke outfit en aankopen!
    Liefs !